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Who is Davoud Shirazi?

Davoud Shirazi is a santour maker and player who has a lot of ideas and registered inventions in the category of Iranian musical instruments, especially Persian santoor. He is the founder of Santoor Center in Iran.
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According to oxford learners dictionaries, Sight-reading is the activity of playing or singing written music when you see it for the first time, without practicing it first
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Santour's note

For being familiar with santour's note please read this article.
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A few tips for buying a second-hand santour

Can we buy a second-hand santour in the beginning? Some people for some reasons can't buy a new santour and they have to buy a second-hand one. Is it Ok or not OK? We want to discuss the cons and pros of a second-hand santour.
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Santoor learning time

How much time does it take to learn Santoor? This is the question that most people ask in the beginning of learning santoor.
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The most expensive Santoor

What is the most expensive santoor?
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