Santoor Center

Modern Persian Santoors made by Davoud Shirazi

Who We Are

In Santoor Center, we try to make high quality santoors for santoor players in every level! We are improving the quality of Persian santoor by using computer softwares and hardwares in analyzing the sound and relevant parameters.

Davoud Shirazi

  • Pedram Derakhshani
  • Amir Arash Ghasemi
  • Pashang Kamkar
  • Reza Salahi
  • Pouya Saraie
  • Siavash Kamkar
  • Saman Ehteshami
  • Majid Kiani
  • Soheil Hosnavi
  • Kaveh Kamran
  • Shiva Allahverdi
  • Mohammad Reza Shajarian
  • Mahsa Golmakani
  • Masoud Shenasa
  • Amin Jahangiri
  • Saied Hatami
  • Javad Bathaei
  • Kourosh Matin


According to oxford learners dictionaries, Sight-reading is the activity of playing or singing written music when you see it for the first time, without practicing it first
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Santour's note

For being familiar with santour's note please read this article.
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A few tips for buying a second-hand santour

Can we buy a second-hand santour in the beginning? Some people for some reasons can't buy a new santour and they have to buy a second-hand one. Is it Ok or not OK? We want to discuss the cons and pros of a second-hand santour.
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You can reach us from saturday to wednesday between 9:30 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. (Iran Time)

Phone Number
+98 21 88033900
No. 12, Kharazmi St., Mollasadra St., Tehran, Iran
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