Santoor and music applications


Nowadays we do almost everything online, such as: buying ticket, paying bills, clothes shopping and etc. Obviously we can not underestimate the important rule of technology in music too.


There are so many applications for music players, songwriters and every musicians. Based on your needs you can choose which application is good for you and download it. For instance we have tuners, metronomes, santoor playing and etc. Besides there are so many applications for music theory the can help you improve your music knowledge in different parts such as: reading notes, ear training, rhythm training, composing and etc.


One of the most practical application for santoor players is Santoor app. This application is exclusively produced by Santoorcenter. With this application you can play, practice and enjoy santoor wherever you are. For download and install the following app, please visit this link.


Santoor playing application



Tuning application

Da Tuner Pro

Soundcorset tuner & metronome

Tuner lite By Piascore


Metronom applications

Pro Metronome

Natural Metronom

Stage Metronome


Music Reading applications

Music Tutor


Complete Music Ear Trainer


Rhythm applications

Complete Rhythm Trainer


Ear Training applications

Music Companion

Complete Ear Tainer


Composing application

Ensemble Composer



You can also search in google play store, app store and etc to find different kind of music applications for both phone and computer.


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