Starting to learn Santoor

Why do you think some people who start to learn Santoor abandon it after a while?

There are 2 important points when starting to learn Santoor and music:
1. Suitable instrument (Santoor)
2. Skilled teacher

Why do you think some people who start to learn Santoor abandon it after a while?
Most people attribute this problem to lack of talent and practice time, while the main barrier against our improvement in music is low-efficiency instruments.
When a student looks at the mallets in their teachers’ hand and hears the voice of their well-tuned instrument, but cannot create those tuned voices with their own instrument, they might lose their self-confidence and quit learning. However, if there wasn't this stereotype of buying cheap and low-quality Santoor for the beginning of learning and then buy a better one after a few years, we could have more good musicians.

Imagine you want to learn how to drive with a broken car. Is this possible? You should ask a professional driver to deliver the car to an auto repair shop to have it repaired.
In fact, you need a good Santoor that causes you no problem and enables you to play comfortably.
Imagine it took you years to make your decision to buy a good Santoor, find your desirable teacher, and enroll in a class, but just because that you don't want to spend a bit more money, you waste a more important resource: your interest and motivation to music!
You would pay for tuitions and transport and spend hours to learn music, but due to your mistake at the very beginning, you are doomed to fail. The other important point is to have a skilled teacher. Remember that whoever works in a music school is not actually qualified to teach. You should review their records and capabilities. To conclude, you should choose your teacher and instrument carefully since should you choose either wrongly, you are not able to continue this path.

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